Strong APL-related ratings for Premium Asia Income Fund

Posted on: August 13th, 2019

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Media release – Strong APL-related ratings for Premium Asia Income Fund

Premium China Funds Management has taken a significant step towards being included on more financial planning approved product lists (APLs) after receiving a strong rating from research and ratings house, SQM.

The Premium Asia Income Fund has received a 4.25 star rating from SQM which the research house said meant the product is “Superior – Suitable for inclusion on most APLs High Investment grade”.

The SQM rating has been welcomed by Premium China Funds Management executive director and head of distribution and operations, Jonathan Wu who said he believed it represented a significant reward for the consistent returns generated by the product since inception in 2011.

“The report is a reflection of the long-term income returns generated by the portfolio as advisers and investors alike are seeking to find opportunities generating more than term deposit rates which are at historical lows”

He said the rating recognised that the fund had generated returns of close to nine per cent over both three and five year periods and had so far produced solid double-digit returns moving through 2019.

The fund is managed by Value Partners using a value-oriented, fundamental bottom-up approach that results in a concentrated portfolio of fixed interest securities issued by companies in the Asian region and the Middle-East, which are, in the view of the manager, undervalued on either an absolute or relative basis and have potential capital appreciation. The fund has a 6% distribution target p.a. paid quarterly and has successfully exceeded more than this since inception.

The manager said that the approach had the capacity to include high yield debt and convertible notes as well as cash and money market instruments and derivatives including over the counter participatory notes and foreign exchange contracts.

Wu said it was important to recognise that over its lifetime, the fund had consistently outperformed its sector peers.


Premium China Funds Management (PCFM) is a boutique funds management group providing specialist Asian equity and fixed-income funds to both Australian and New Zealand investors.

Capturing the growing economies and influence of emerging Asia, PCFM has developed 4 actively managed funds – the Premium China Fund, Premium Asia Fund, Premium Asia Property Fund and Premium Asia Income Fund.

The funds are managed by a large and experienced team with offices in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur. The directors and investment managers of Premium and its fund offerings have extensive knowledge in Asian equity and credit markets, wealth management, and other financial services.

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