Virtual Annual Investment Briefing 2020

Posted on: August 7th, 2020

Category: News

Taking Advantage of Structural Change in a V-shape Recovery

  • Does first-in and first-out of COVID-19 mean a V-shaped recovery?
  • How are the lead indicators looking?
  • In this webinar, Frank Tsui, Gordon Ip, and Jonathan Wu will provide a deep analysis of the state of Asian markets, and the powerful structural themes that underpin the probability of a V-shaped recovery for China and parts of Asia.

Presented by:
Premium China Funds Management
Jonathan Wu – Executive Director | Head of Distribution and Operations | Chief Investment Specialist

Value Partners Group
Gordon Ip – Chief Investment Officer (Fixed Income)
Frank Tsui – Senior Fund Manager (Equities)

Please find the link below for a full webinar recording:

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